Supplier Quality


Supplier Notification

Kobe Steel Letters to Supplier

Supplier Human Right Update


Supplier Procedures

105X1009 Rev 10 - Electronic Supplier Quality Requirement         

EC - SRC - 0002 - Supplier Quality Requirements (Other languages in work: Portuguese, Chinese, French, German)        

EC - SRC - 0003 - Non-Destructive Test (NDT) and Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) Requirements (Other language in work: German)

EC - SRC - 0004 - Weldment Visual Inspection Requirements (Other language in work: German)

EC - SRC - 0005 - Marking, Packaging, Preservation, and Shipping Requirements (Replaces EM-SRC-0005. Other languages in work: German, Portuguese)

EC - SRC - 0008 - Counterfeit Parts Avoidance Requirements for Independent distributors and high risk suppliers   

EC - SRC - 0009 - Contract Manufacturer Counterfeit Part Avoidance Requirements            


Supplier Documents and Systems

Product Quality Plan (PQP) and Inspection & Test Plan (ITP) Example       

Manufacturing Process Plan (MPP) Example        

Characteristics, Accountability, & Verification (CAV) Plan - Example 1, Example 2, Example 3

Clear Orbit SDR Deviation and Cause Code Definitions


Supplier Responsibility Guidelines (SRG)

Supplier Expectations

SRG Brochure

Suppliers Integrity Guide


Power Conversion - Berlin

8.4.3-GER-G1 Logistics and Packaging Guideline for Suppliers (Other languages available: German)     

GE PC SDR Template


Grid Solutions

DE Supplier change management Letter

GA-SRC-0001 Cosmetic Inspection Guidelines for Uncoated Aluminum Cabinets  

GA-SRC-0002 Cosmetic Inspection Guidelines for Mechanical Components            

GA-SRC-0003 Component Shelf Life and Storage Condition requirement for Electronic Suppliers