Spare & Replacement Parts

Keep critical systems running

Even the best system has a limited lifetime. Eventually seals leak, bearings become worn, capacitors
dry out and suppliers of mass-market components and software move on.
We, at GE are committed to the proactive lifecycle management of our systems. We enable you
to plan ahead and take action to pre-empt system failure. Global facilities, continuously replenish
inventory of over 8,000 individual parts, and a highly reliable supply chain in GE can meet your
demand like no other supplier.

When it comes to replacement parts, you have many choices. But are you making the right one?
With GE, you get genuine OEM-supplied parts that preserve the integrity of your asset. But that’s
just the beginning. You experience a true collaboration that helps improve your plant’s performance,
reliability, and safety. And you preserve your ability to incorporate technology improvements down
the road. Only GE can deliver such forward-thinking solutions.

Lifecycle management for performance, reliability & safety

Our global network of warehouses and logistics centers is currently extending and localizing to serve
you faster. Benefit from our services through:

  • Parts, sub-products, spare products
  • New, remanufactured, exchanged, repair and return, test and certification
  • Express option (off the shelf)
  • Inventory management


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