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Accelerate your IIoT journey

Regardless of where you are on your digital roadmap, whether you're just starting your 
digital industrial transformation or looking to expand your network of IIoT solutions, our 
Digital Solutions and Services offerings can help you reach your goals and maximize value. 

The Industrial Internet promises to reshape the way we do our jobs each day. Bringing the
power of big data and analytics to heavy industry is exciting, but it can bring with it a whole
host of challenges, questions and uncertainty. Specifically, where do I get started?
Or perhaps, maybe you have already started your IIoT journey, but want to understand
how you can take your investments to the next level.


Real Time Insights = Real Time Benefits

We connect electricity to industry efficiently, enable intelligent asset strategies and build
solutions around your business model. With 100+ years of industry expertise and one of the
largest assets installed base across heavy industries, we apply our knowledge and engineering,
and connect the physical with digital and drive solid data and analytics.

Our digital solutions use a combination of physics based and machine learning models to
predict equipment health, therefore improving maintenance schedules and minimize
maintenance cost. For example: 

  • Predictive maintenance allows optimized onsite visits with intelligent GE solutions which
    helps to reduce total maintenance cost by up to 30%.
  • Predictive analytics identify areas of downtime risk quantified against financial impact.
    Recommended actions are relayed to the field service engineer which can enable up to 80%
    reduction in downtime losses. 
  • Optimized Spare Parts Management is an integrated solution, enabling the alignment of
    spare parts stock and usage, site location and an automated shipping processes allowing
    up to 100% just in time parts delivery.


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