Modernizations & Upgrades

Get more out of existing assets

Our scope of experience includes small system enhancements to complete renewal of site systems, often 
within tight project times. We provide feasibility studies, design, project management, and equipment 
and implementation. 

We tailor large and small modernization and upgrade programs to meet your exact requirements while 
minimizing plant downtime and scheduling progressive projects. Our engineers understand that upgrade 
work is about good planning and risk management from a close, co-operative and flexible relationship with 
our customers. We fit turnkey and innovative solutions to your specific applications.

GE experts can help you make informed decisions that continue to deliver across the
lifetime of your project 

  • Support in the economic evaluation: high level estimations of value in technology selection
  • Site survey: existing field data capture & hardware audit, to understand the technical and environmental
    constraints and determine the opportunities
  • Documentation analysis: current operating profile review and analysis of equipment (consumption,
    operating costs, etc.)
  • Replacement studies: configuration proposals, OPEX estimations and value demonstration

Professionally managed, smooth upgrades 

  • Life cycle extension projects
  • Performance improvement
  • Capacity upgrades


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