Obsolete GD2000 and GD3000 drives upgrade

Cost effective solution to extend life of your drives

At GE Our experts fully understand your business needs and match drive features to meet your specific requirements to replace your existing GD2000 and GD3000 legacy drives with LV7000.

We conduct a feasibility study of your existing equipment before making a recommendation to confirm suitability of the proposed upgrade solution.GE also offers partial upgrade of the existing drive system by replacing only the power modules and the controllers.

LV7000 Series high performance Variable Speed Drives

Our latest LV7000 drive system is a compact design, robust, highly versatile and an ideal choice for customers upgrading from legacy drives. It is widely used across a variety of market segments like metals, pulp & paper, conveyors, crane systems, coordinated process lines, mining & minerals, marine, winders & rewinders, etc.

Technical highlights

  • Power range: Up to 2000 kW
  • Input voltage range: 380-500 VAC/525-690 VAC
  • Efficiency: >97% at full load
  • Suitable for Standard sensor less vector control and Closed loop flux vector control
  • Reliability: (MTBF) greater than 41,000 hours


  • Suitable for coordinated-drive and complex control applications
  • Software and hardware modularity
  • Suitable for multi-motors applications
  • Fault free communication protocols