PMG Direct Drive

High reliability for wind turbine drive trains

Wind Turbine Applications

Our wind generators are designed and built with state of the art manufacturing equipment employing VPI (vacuum pressure impregnated) insulation systems giving reliable, robust and optimized designs proven in industrial applications worldwide.

Products are optimized to work with our complete range of multi-MW full and partial power converters.
Our generators are designed to help maximize availability, reliability, serviceability and ease of maintenance. We can offer back-to-back testing capability of integrated generator and converter system solutions to support turbine qualification or HALT.
Our products can be designed to meet global standards and certifications including but not limited to IEC, NEMA, CSA, UL. GE manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 certified.
Permanent Magnet Generators (PMG) Direct Drive (DD)
Our direct-drive permanent magnet generators offer high reliability for the full drive train. Elimination of the gearbox allows for higher part load system efficiencies, improving your return on investment. Providing a reduction in overall maintenance, these solutions are particularly well adapted for offshore applications.
Permanent Magnet Generators-DD Permanent Magnet Generators-DD


Features & Benefits:

  • Full grid compliance: Fully-fed with low-speed direct drive. Advanced resin insulation system provides increased insulation performance.
  • Patented cooling arrangement for very high power density.
  • Efficiency: Permanent Magnet rotor and optimized stator for increased efficiency.
  • Reliability: Advanced resin insulation system provides increased insulation performance, and flexible design facilitates new technology improvements.
  • Availability: Simplified, Permanent Magnet rotor design reduces maintenance and increases generator availability.
  • Comfort: Patented low-cogging torque system reduces noise and vibration.
  • Flexibility: Can be customized for low or medium voltage applications. Platforms can be tailored according to specific customer requirements.


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Wind Generators

Our medium-speed permanent magnet generators can be integrated into one or two-stage gearboxes and, through elimination of the bearings, enable increased reliability of the whole drive train compared to fully geared solutions.
Power Conversion’s Doubly Fed Induction Generators’ excitation is controlled independently of the grid to compensate for variable speed operation.