Laminated Salient Pole Rotors

Flexibility for various applications

GE’s Laminated Salient Poles Motors have laminated poles fitted with strip or wire wound field coils and supplied with a shock absorbing winding on the outer pole face. The standard product platform of our Laminate Salient Poles Motors can be rapidly adapted to support a variety of specific customer applications and starting methods.

Features & Benefits:

  • Air or water cooled
  • Compact design: Offers high torque density
  • Efficiency: Electrical system running with reduced current pulsations for non-steady-state loads
  • Reliability: Constant speed, unaffected by line or load conditions
  • Cost savings:  Low starting current reduces starting equipment need

Synchronous Motors

Power Conversion’s Solid Salient Poles Motors are composed of integral solid bolt-on pole tips. Designed, built and tested in the motor factory, Solid Salient Poles Motors are suitable for applications requiring long duty cycle.