Wind Pitch Motors


Wind turbine blade positioning

GE manufactures durable wind pitch motors for the most challenging environments including high vibration, extreme temperatures and high humidity. Because they are located high up in the turbine housing, maintenance intervals tend to be very long requiring a robust and reliable construction.

GE provides custom DC motor designs for wind pitch blade positioning. Our designs are evolved from the industrial lift truck market and have been adapted for use in wind turbines. We have been building DC pitch motors since 2006 and have over 30,000 motors in service. 

Rating: 100VDC, 2,700RPM and 30 NM of torque continuous. 90 NM of torque at 1,400RPM
Speed: Variable, 6,500RPM Max

Features & Benefits:

  • Reliability: GE Motors has over 30,000 motors in service and works closely with turbine OEM’s to continually improve the reliability.
  • Cost savings: Our manufacturing is in Monterrey Mexico and is ideally positioned to best serve wind turbine OEM’s.
    Our annual production is 5,000 units per year affording the scale to leverage our supply base for continuous cost reduction.
  • Efficiency: We work closely with OEM’s to achieve the necessary efficiency targets.



Small DC Motors

GE DC motors have been giving HP a new meaning for over 125 years. Setting the standard in direct current motors, GE DC motors are engineered to perform & built to last.