Quantum LMV

Applying the latest technology to operate under extreme and harsh conditions.
Our NEMA Premium TEFC Quantum LMV motor was designed by a global engineering team and suited for worldwide applications. Quantum LMV motors operate pumps, blowers, compressors, crushers, conveyors, and more while meeting and exceeding industry demands with superior features.
Industries: oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, mining and general process
Unique frame and rotor design promotes increased motor output per frame.
D-Ducts built into the frame and trapezoidal rotor vents in the laminations result in better temperature distribution throughout the motor.
Special external structural designs pull heat out fast.
Fan, cover and enclosure are engineered to help maximize heat transfer.
Inverter Duty Reliability
Insulated drive and/or non-drive end bearings with an Aegis shaft grounding ring on the drive end, are optional. This decreases the possibility of bearing fluting and minimizes the impact of harmful shaft voltages. A separate blower is available for constant torque applications.
Superior Bearings
Available self-aligning spherically seated sleeve bearings allow the motor to adapt to the best position for the load. The shaft is allowed to adjust without increasing temperature, vibration or noise levels.
Quantum LMV motors comply with the following standards and certifications:
NEMA, IEC, IEEE 841, CSA, API 547 and 541, Division 2, Zone 2 AEx nA
Sound pressure levels:
88 dBA with an option for 85 dBA (2-pole)
85 dBA with an option for 80 dBA (4-pole)
80 dBA (6-pole)

Features & Benefits:

Quantum LMV Illustration
A. Rotor
The Quantum LMV rotor features multiple oversized vents for maximum cooling, resulting in a low temperature rise. The rotor and internal fan are shrink-fit onto the shaft, meeting API specifications. Default material is cast aluminum, however fabricated copper bar is optional.
B. Frame
A stiff frame and increased foot strength leads to a lower vibration and increased horsepower capability. Rigid feet, constructed using class 30 cast iron, offer solid mounting and a high degree of safety during the starting cycle of the machine. This rugged construction also allows the motor to run in extreme environments
-40OC to 40OC.
C. Insulation
Quantum LMV motors feature an epoxy solvent-less resin vacuumpressure-impregnation (VPI) process to combine superior insulation materials into a complete insulation system to assure long and reliable operation. The insulation system is subjected to rigorous testing according to applicable IEEE, IEC, and NEMA standards. 
D. Bearings
Self-aligning spherically seated sleeve bearings per DIN 31693 are an available option for all ratings on Quantum LMV 315/500 frames (pictured). Ball bearings are standard. Roller bearings for severe belted applications are also available.


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