Setting the standard in manufacturing rotating machines for over 125 years

GE has manufactured motors and generators for some of the first commercial and industrial electrical applications. We continue to deliver innovative electrical and mechanical power solutions to the world.

We design rotating machines that comply with all global standards such as ABS, API, ATEX, CSA, DNV, ExN, ExP, GOST, IEC, IEEE, Lloyds, and NEMA. GE machines are available for use in Zone 1, 2, or 22 and Division I or II. GE manufacturing facilities are ISO9001 certified.

Every machine is tested in our global state-of-the-art facilities to your exacting requirements. GE has one of the largest capacities for full load testing.

We are providing motors for a wide range of industries including -but not limited to- Oil & Gas, Marine, Power & Utilities, Mining, Metals, Pulp & Paper, Water & Wastewater, and for applications like fans, pumps, compressors, grinding mills, metal rolling, mine hoists, refiners, propulsion and many others.

GE Power Conversion offers a comprehensive range of services for rotating machines across their life cycle including replacement units, field services, spares, in-shop repairs, service agreements, unit upgrades and technical support.


Induction motors

GE's induction motor technology –medium power and large power– delivers high reliability and efficiency, primarily by drastically reducing the rotor's parts. It means a leaner, lower maintenance motor that consistently delivers the power you need.

With the recent advances of GE's high powered, variable frequency drives, induction motors (medium power and large power) can now be used in almost all applications where high reliability and robust performance are required.


  • Proven experience: few manufacturers can claim the depth of experience that GE has in building and delivering electrical and mechanical solutions for customers
  • Complete portfolio of rotating machines: GE electrical motors have a wide power range up to 100 MW (134,000 hp) and high speed machines up to 20,000 rpm
  • High efficiency: increased operational flexibility and up to 98% efficiency at low power consumption
  • Up to 48% increased uptime: lean, low-maintenance motor that deliver long periods of uninterrupted operation (5+ years of operation)
  • Reduced footprint: the lower frame size of GE’s induction motors translates to space savings and low weight
  • World-class service: engineering support optimized for your application

Synchronous motors

GE offers a full range of horizontal and vertical synchronous motors, ranging from direct-drive high torque density motors (at speeds as low as 20 rpm) to turbo-type motors for compressor applications.

We can rapidly adapt our standard product platforms to cater for many applications or any purposed starting methods, including:

  • Fixed-speed started by induction means, e.g. direct-on-line, series reactor, capacitor, reactor/capacitor, auto-transformer (single or multi-stage)
  • Fixed-speed started by pony motor, electronic soft starter or mechanical gear system (i.e. variable speed planetary gear)
  • Variable speed drive system controlled (MV7000)


  • Easy access for routine maintenance
  • High quality design: all rotors are carefully balanced to comply with standards requirements
  • High efficiency: increased operating cost savings
  • Low starting current: provides better overall starting capability, which reduces the starting equipment cost
  • Leading power factor: reduced utility penalties associated with lagging power factor
  • Improved electrical system reliability: reduced current pulsations for non-steady loads
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Synchronous Motors

Induction Motors