MM7 - based on proven and mature MV7 technology

Around the world, industrial customers, renewable/utility and rail grid operators are facing growing challenges of increasing grid availability, improving power quality, to meet growing energy demand, improved reliability and scalable solution to address the complex market needs.

The MM7 provides a modular approach to achieve a customized solution across different applications. It is a multifaceted premium converter (transformerless, N+1 or 2 redundancy, lower losses, remote support capabilities, and grid monitoring) that improves power quality to meet grid requirements, increases operational efficiency for industrial application, and provides higher availability.

How do we meet today's customer requirements?

Customers aim for highest operational efficiency and the highest possible availability.

With MM7 your are able to increase MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) as well as decrease MTTR (Mean Time to Repair).

In addition, MM7 will provide you with an increased system performance, thanks to a modular multilevel design and active filtering on grid side. 

The advantage of MM7 technology

This solution will answer your requirements providing the highest return on your investment.


Design based on the example of STATCOM

Optimized performance
Increased system stability and power quality

Reduces footprint Up to 20% footprint reduction is achievable thanks to high performance active filtering

Increased uptime MM7 provides plant monitoring system that increases customer’s process uptime.

Improved efficiency
The active part efficiency increases up to 99.3%

Reliable availability
MM7 provide a high level of planning security and will protect you from unplanned downtime

Smart investment
Overall system's cost of ownership is competitive to available marketed solution

High reliability and availability
Over 14 million hours in operation across an installed base of over 15+GW speaks for itself. MM7 is based on a proven and mature technology, just taken to the next level.

With its multiple configuration options it is adaptable to wide range of industry applications. Various configurations are possible ─at improved delivery time and competitive price.

MM7 System Data
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