MV6 Series


Achieving low cost of ownership using a simple power architecture

The MV6 Series drive provides a flexible and effective approach using a simple power architecture to achieve low cost of ownership across many applications. Easy to install and maintain, the MV6 Series can save space in the electrical room, and offer high availability — all critical factors to improving your performance and process effectiveness.

GE offers the MV6 series Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drive (MV VFD) that boasts highest power density in industry, unique robustness and fault tolerance capability, and best-in-class power quality and efficiency, achieved through GE's patented multi-level nested neutral-point-pilot (nested NPP) technology.

MV6 series VFD is one of the most versatile medium voltage drives on the market configurations that cover voltage range of 3.3 kV - 6.9 kV and power range of 0.2 MW – 6.6 MW. MV6 VFD can be configured as Diode Front End (DFE) with integral transformer in two-quadrant operation, or re-generative active front end (AFE) with transformer in four-quadrant operation, or transformer-less AFE using common set of building blocks. MV6 series VFD is suitable for world-wide applications and is certified to IEC 61800-3/4/5, IEEE 519, UL 347A, CSA C22.2, IEEE 693.

All MV6 series drives come equipped with Visor Connect – a remote monitoring system which connects the VFD to GE’s global experts for real time service support when needed and helps prevent unscheduled downtime.

Technical highlights

  • Power ratings: 0.2 MW up to 6.6 MW
  • Voltage: 3.3 up to 6.9 kV
  • Efficiency at rated power: > 97.5 % for AFE transformer-less


Features & Benefits:


  • Forced air cooled
  • No external filters
  • Touchscreen operator interface allows for quick, user-friendly programming
  • Designed to meet arc flash safety criteria
  • Visor Connect: remote connection to equipment, monitoring and support
  • Interfaces: Modbus TCP as standard, other fieldbus protocol on request
  • IEC, IEEE and UL compliance



  • Quick and easy installation
  • Lower capital cost
  • Smaller installed footprint
  • Less maintenance
  • Reduced spare parts inventory
  • Higher efficiency and low losses (increased energy savings)



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