Smart engineering coupled with software analytics,
we provide customers with data-driven efficiency


Flexible, efficient, cleaner propulsion technology: GE’s electric and hybrid propulsion systems can enable up to 10% greater fuel efficiency than traditional diesel-mechanical systems.

Integrated electric propulsion

  Advanced Induction Motors (AIM)
  Power take-in (PTO/PTI)

Propulsion drives

SEAJET™ podded propulsion

Hybrid propulsion
Power take-in (PTO/PTI) 

Combined generation hybrids




Ship's power

Operating in remote, harsh environments a vessel needs its own dependable power network. High performance, efficient technology is combined with ease of inter-connection and use. Our SeaLab service gives you simple cost and configuration options to help optimize performance for different operating requirements.

Integrated platform management
Vessel control & automation
SeaLyte System (VCS)
   DIRAD damage control system

Energy & power management
   Fuel Cells: addressing the key technical challenges

   SeaLab energy efficient design

   SeaGreen Energy Storage Systems

Power generation
Power take-off (PTO/PTI)


Drilling systems



Digital solutions & lifecycle support

Combining GE’s digital twin analytics and operating environment expertise to achieve real outcomes, up to 20% lower maintenance costs.

Digital solutions
SEASTREAM™ Insight Asset Performance Management
Visor Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics
VesPA Vessel Performance Analyser

Lifecycle support
SeaLab energy efficiency design


Service networks and contacts