Improving Fuel Efficiency and Operational Flexibility

The challenge of increasing the fuel efficiency and operational flexibility for the container ship industry has been taken-up by GE with the development of an innovative Power Take Off/Power Take In (PTO/PTI) technical solution for the marine industry. GE’s PTO/PTI technology consists of two drives, two induction motors and a power management system. It is a smart solution that provides excess power on demand while reducing fuel consumption. When not being used to propel the vessel, the PTO/PTI technology uses the energy surplus to power onboard systems and equipment. 

GE's PTO/PTI technology harnesses the mechanical energy of the vessel’s drive shaft to convert it into electrical energy.

This excess energy is then directed to onboard systems when it is required, which diminishes the need to burn fuel to power these systems. The result in fuel savings is significant, especially when coupled with improved operational flexibility. Unlike competitors, our electric machine is equipped with induction motors instead of synchronous motors.

By removing transformers, it offers a simpler design and therefore reduces the complexity of the system, making it more reliable and requiring less CAPEX. The arrangement of induction motors reduces the frequency and extent of maintenance, and combined with the system’s fuel saving characteristics, bringing down the operational expenses for customers.


Features & Benefits:


  • PTO: in PTO mode, the gensets are stopped. The electrical power is supplied by the Main Engine through the Waste Heat Recovery System and the shaft Generator. The main Engine burns Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) that is much cheaper than the Diesel Oil
  • PTI: In PTI mode, the gensets are operated. An additional mechanical power is supplied by the Shaft Motor through the VFD. This enables for instance a ship to arrive first at a harbor and save waiting time to load/unload



  • Reduced complexity and footprint of the system
  • Higher reliability
  • Reduced CAPEX and OPEX
  • Increased flexibility

Large Industrial Generators

Diesel & Gas Engine Driven Generators
These generators are designed to withstand the rigours of marine and industrial applications, retaining the general features of the generator range.
Our range of 4 pole generators provides a reliable product based on a modular construction concept utilizing the latest design and manufacturing techniques.