Diesel and Gas Engine Driven Generators

Robust Construction Synchronous Multi Pole generators
Robust Construction
These generators are designed to withstand the rigours of marine and industrial applications, retaining the general features of the generator range.
  • Efficiency in excess of 98% - Reduces running costs.
  • Modular approach to reduce initial investment costs and allow design flexibility
  • High Reliability – Proven in the rigors of Marine Environment
  • Certified by the most demanding Marine certifying agencies DNV, ABS, BV, Lloyds
  • Diesel and gas driven reciprocating engines
  • Prime and stand-by power
  • Propulsion power for marine vessels
Beta Features
The speed range for these machines matches the need of medium and high speed engines with pole numbers ranging from .6 to 22. More poles can be made on these machines if required.
Industrial Generators_Beta range Generators_Beta range
Delta Features
This design has the stator mounted into a base-frame with pedestal bearings to support the rotor. These are used in many applications from Prime and Emergency Power to Marine Power. The speed range for these machines matches the need of low speed engines with pole numbers ranging from 6 to 22.
Generators_Delta range Generators_Delta range


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Large Industrial Generators

Power Conversion’s Cylindrical High Speed Rotor is made from a solid cylindrical forging, and machines out the pole bodies and pole tips. The field windings are edge wound copper strips with dimensionally stable insulation material bonded between the turns.
GE is the only company offering induction generators with these power ratings. The variable speed machine allows turbine operation at peak efficiency over a large range of heads and flows.
Our range of 4 pole generators provides a reliable product based on a modular construction concept utilizing the latest design and manufacturing techniques.