Built on extensive rotating machines experience

Build based on 100+ years of experience and know-how we continue to deliver innovative electrical and mechanical power solutions to the world. Our machines efficiently operate in challenging applications and severe environments where reliability and ease of maintenance is critical. A specially designed frame and stator in the C7 that cools so effectively, that higher power ratings are easily achieved by smaller frame sizes.

Fast builds with pre-engineered components

The C7 features a standard set of frame, rotor and stator components that can fit into the majority of common application configurations. This means a faster cycle time to build and more consistent performance results during operation.

Construction features

Standard-built C7 squirrel-cage induction motors operate at 50/60 Hz, with outputs ranging up to 6,000 kW (9,000 HP).

  • Designed for direct-on-line or VFD applications
  • Rated Ex for use in a hazardous location
  • Welded totally enclosed frame construction with air, water and blower-mounted cooling - WPII enclosure also available
  • IP 55 standard protection for TEAAC (CACA) or TEWAC (CACW)
  • IP24 standard protection for WPII enclosures


  • Small footprint due to high power density
  • High efficiency to assist with energy savings
  • Low vibration enables high reliability and MTBF
  • Low noise level to reduce environmental impact

Available configurations

  • Available for the various applications: pumps, compressors, fans, refiners, etc.
  • Various standards (e.g., IEC, NEMA)
  • For the most rigorous specifications (e.g. API 541)
  • Also available with multiple international certifications (ATEX, IECEx, CSA and Naval certifications like ABS, DNV, BV, Lloyds)

Product specifications



Technical features

  • Adheres to NEMA MG1 or IEC 60034
  • Available for API 541 5th Edition
  • S1 duty (S2 to S9 duty types optional)
  • 50/60 Hz frequency
  • 2,300 to 13,800 V (other voltages optional)
  • Class F insulation
  • ≤ 1000 meter altitude
  • -18°C to +40° C ambient 1
  • Class B winding temperature rise by RTD method
  • Maximum torque limitation – Bi-phase short circuit condition is considered for the winding, shaft and frame (Fast bus transfer torque may be verified upon request)
  • Vibration levels compliant to American Petroleum Institute (API), IEC 60034 Grade B and NEMA specifications
  • Low Noise:

- TEWAC: Average sound pressure of 80 dB(A) max at 1 m no load
- TEAAC/WPII: Average sound pressure of 85 dB(A) max at 1 m no load
- Lower dB(A) levels are available upon request

  1. Other voltages, higher altitude or ambient will require engineering evaluation and design customization ↩︎

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