Innovative electrical and mechanical power solutions

GE manufactured motors and generators for some of the first commercial and industrial electrical applications more than 125 years ago.

Our machines operate efficiently in the most challenging applications and severe environments where reliability and ease of maintenance is critical.

Our induction motors are available up to 40 MW and are fully customizable to match our customers requirements at whatever speed, from the method of cooling to the smallest accessory.

GE induction motors are highly reliable thanks to their rotor cage construction, the elimination of the retaining rings and they can be load tested at our factory. Our proprietary design allows for low vibration and high-power density.


GE Power Conversion's high power induction motors are highly reliable, with a 12 years estimated Mean Time Between Failures.

Our induction motors come with a reference of 5,000 units and 20 GW power installed worldwide.

GE high efficiency electrical motors help to reduce global carbon intensity for power generation.

Features and benefits

Compact design

  • High power and torque density
  • Footprint and weight reduced

Customizable configuration

  • Modular cooling system: CACA, CACW, TEPV, WPII, ODP
  • Extreme environmental conditions: -40°C to +55°C ambient temperature, altitude > 1,000 m
  • Safe and hazardous area
  • Fixed speed 50/60 Hz
  • Variable speed application – System approach for VSDS
  • High load inertia starting
  • Direct on line starting with limited voltage drop on the network (low inrush current)
  • Compliance to high level specifications
  • Compliance to international standards (IEC, API, NEMA, CSA, DNV, ABS, …)

Robust reliability

  • Squirrel cage induction rotor with low maintenance
  • Best in class induction brazing for uniform brazing of copper bar with end ring
  • Improved insulation system to reduce partial discharge
  • VPI with low Volatile Organic Compounds resin is applied to the complete stator and attached cables
  • Full length slot wedges
  • Removal stator core for simple stator replacement
Power speed range

Need more power or higher speed? Check our high speed induction motors range.

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Induction Motors

Our Large MV Induction Motor offers lower weight and inertia advantages as well as lower maintenance costs for applications requiring high reliability.
Power Conversion’s Large Slow Speed Marine Motors offer lower weight and inertia advantages. Requiring little maintenance, Induction Motors can be used in almost all applications requiring high reliability and robust performance.
High speed induction motors up to 100MW
GE Power Conversion’s range of high speed motors provides high quality and reliability with low maintenance and long life.
Medium power induction motors
Our medium power induction motors feature a standard set of frame, rotor and stator components that can fit into the majority of common application configurations.