Bringing industry electrification to the next level

With the continuous development of electrification in many industries around the world, Electric Motor Driven (EMD) solutions are now increasing in power and speed, offering new opportunities across multiple applications. Large EMD systems traditionally included Large Load-Commutated Inverter (LCI) drives and synchronous motors. Several breakthroughs of innovation, such as the introduction of large power Voltage-Source Inverter (VSI) drives, have allowed to improve this configuration. GE's Power Conversion business has brought another layer of innovation with high speed induction motors up to 100MW. 

Proven technology

More than 150 high speed induction motors references worldwide, up to 80 MW and 18,000 rpm

15 patents on high-speed technology

One of the world’s largest induction motor at 80MW for the LNG Industry

Power speed range
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Induction Motors

Our Large MV Induction Motor offers lower weight and inertia advantages as well as lower maintenance costs for applications requiring high reliability.
Power Conversion’s Large Slow Speed Marine Motors offer lower weight and inertia advantages. Requiring little maintenance, Induction Motors can be used in almost all applications requiring high reliability and robust performance.
Medium power induction motors
Our medium power induction motors feature a standard set of frame, rotor and stator components that can fit into the majority of common application configurations.
Large power induction motors
Our induction motors are available up to 40 MW and are fully customizable to match our customers requirements.