Leveraging our vast experience in rotating machine technology

The global energy mix is changing, with more clean renewable energy sources being added to the grid. The intermittency of renewable energy sources has raised clear challenges to grid integration and its stability.

GE’s Rotating Stabiliser solution provides a CO2 free and cost-effective solution to replicate the synchronous inertia response provided by traditional thermal power generation.

Efficient and reliable synchronous inertia

GE’s Rotating Stabilisers are high-inertia rotating machines that can support the grid network in delivering efficient and reliable synchronous inertia and can help stabilize frequency deviations by generating and absorbing reactive power.

Rotating Stabilisers can help reduce emissions and maintain grid performance by providing the same synchronous inertia as coal or gas power plants without the associated CO2 emissions and high running costs.

This flexible technology can be deployed as/when required by the system operator.

GE’s Rotating Stabilisers have three operating modes:


Synchronous inertia support to the grid with instantaneous response to change in grid frequency

Power factor correction to provide continuous leading or lagging VArs

High power pulse generation enabling a high-power pulse from a weak power source


Extended System Services

  • The Rotating Stabiliser can provide several services including Synchronous Inertia Response (SIR), Steady/Dynamic Reactive Power, (SSRP/DRP) and an option for Fast Frequency Response (FFR) with larger converters
  • Supports the network grid when increasing non-synchronous penetration, and with wide scale distributed generation
  • Similar grid support capabilities as a CCGT power station
  • No grid disturbance with variable speed drive start.

Proven Technology

  • Based upon mature hydro power generator technology to deliver high reliability and low maintenance


Co-located Distributed Generation

  • Improves grid connection agreement and reduce overall costs
  • Stability at point of nonsynchronous generation
  • Voltage support to enable more active power

Available Configurations

Extended Power Quality Offering

Our wide range of electrification solutions include motors, generators and power  electronics-based turbine starting static frequency converters (SFC) and static excitation equipment (SEE), variable speed drive systems for power plant auxiliary systems, MVDC, power quality systems and automation and controls.

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