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Efficiency and Quality at the Heart of Power Generation

GE has been a leader in generator manufacturing for over 130 years. GE created and implemented one
of the first fundamentals of large-scale electrical generation. Today we continue to deliver innovative
power generation solutions to the world. 
Generators are designed and manufactured to operate efficiently and reliably in challenging applications
and severe environments where ease of maintenance is critical.
Industrial generators range

Smartly Standardized Design for Higher Productivity & Lower Risk

Generators - Smartly standardized design

Standards & Certifications

We design rotating machines that comply with global standards and certifications, including but not
limited to IEC, NEMA, API, CSA, Lloyds, DNV, ABS, BV, RMRS, ATEX, IEC ExN,
ExP. Zone 1 or 2 and Division 1 or 2 are also available. GE manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001
Every machine is tested in our global state-of-the-art facilities to your exacting requirements.  
GE has one of the largest capacities for full load testing.

Reducing LCOE with High Efficiency

Our generators are designed and manufactured to operate efficiently and reliably in challenging
applications and severe environments. We help to reduce LCoE with:
  • High electrical efficiency across the full generating power range
  • Optimized systems solutions incorporating our range of full and partial power converters
  • Using components proven in diverse industries
  • Ease of maintenance enabling lower O&M cost
  • Noise levels as low as 77dBA* can be met to help reduce the cost for the overall system whilst reducing 
    environmental impact. [*such as achievable in closed type machines with operating speeds up to 1,200rpm]

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