Software and analytics are changing the way we do business

Every year industries spend billions of dollars on equipment – not just capital costs but also maintenance, downtime and even inefficiencies. That’s a lot of money. And because industrial machines are often critical to infrastructure and economies, we all still pay it every year. Of course, it’s good to invest to keep assets healthy. But what if we could get more out of that investment – more predictability, better and simpler situational awareness, improved performance?


Critical assets don’t always perform at their peak. Understanding when and why they don’t unlocks the opportunity to improve performance.


Analyzing past and present performance in detail, and using that information to improve efficiency can leverage more from your investment in critical equipment and operations.


This is where the Connectix solutions from GE’s Power Conversion business can help.


Putting software and analytics into action

If you’re looking for ways to reduce downtime and enhance the performance of operations and assets, GE Power Conversion’s Connectix—a simple suite of clever software applications—can help. Its flexibility includes ‘on-prem’ and cloud-based options which help to optimize operations and energy, and enable predictive maintenance and cyber-secure service solutions. Connectix is based on a straightforward, modular range of digital app’s, tools and services, connecting data with the right people. Already, more than 430 sites are benefiting from Connectix.


GE Intelligence and Analytics

At GE’s Power Conversion business, we connect the physical world with data to drive operational and business outcomes that matter. With GE intelligence and analytics, we create usable tools and valuable insights to help you optimize asset integrity and operational performance. This helps you better adapt your operations to different priorities and changing environments. It means that decision-making can be driven by data, information and insights.


Installing Connectix

Peace of mind with GE’s Visor platform. One powerful data platform brings GE’s suite of Connectix solutions together—seamlessly and securely.
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