Integrated Plant Level Control System to improve solar farm efficiency

Integrated plant level control system

GE's SunIQ system is an integrated plant level monitoring and control platform designed to bring together realtime plant-wide data visualization, data analysis, and troubleshooting with plant level operational control to enhance grid integration of solar.

Suitable for LV5/LV5+ Series Solar Inverters

GE’s LV5 and LV5+ solar inverters come enabled for GE’s SunIQ monitoring and control technology.

Improving solar farm efficiency

SunIQ is a reliable plant level control platform that includes the modern networks, software tools, and diagnostics needed to increase system availability.

Plant Monitoring

GE’s Solar SCADA application provides a broad set of intuitive tools for a secure, real-time view of a solar plant’s operation and maintenance. The web-based application allows for evaluation of plant performance using real-time and historical data to diagnose performance variation more quickly, enabling rapid fault resolution. A range of supervisory control functions allows operators to remotely command plant set-points.

Plant Control

The SunIQ system includes a plant level controller that coordinates behavior of multiple inverters, thus enhancing the grid integration capabilities. The system controls reactive power supply (KVAR) to the grid, regulating system voltage and stabilizing weak grids. The system is also capable of regulating active power (kW), providing the grid operator with the ability to curtail kW output as well as control frequency droop and ramp rate. The system can be accessed either locally or remotely via the plant monitoring system or through analogue/digital I/O. SunIQ is supplied in an indoor enclosure as standard with options for plant control only and remote service only.



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Automation & Control

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