Incident Reporting

A unique and practical software solution

We apply our innovative and imaginative approach to the design and supply of automation and control solutions to provide your systems with efficiency, asset availability, operational precision and environmental benefits.

GE’s Power Conversion business Incident Reporting enables customers to remotely monitor, interpret and record activities and actions related to incident response and essential asset control. The users interface can be tailored to customers’ requirements.

Features & Benefits:

  • Reliability: Asset view and management. Incident and events log.
  • Security: Full incident profiling and display.
  • Availability: Multiple remote wireless user stations. Touch-screen technology. Robust network technology.

Automation & Control

The High-Performance Controller (HPCi) system is a freely programmable, modular system with a real-time multi-tasking operating system.
GE’s Power Conversion business offers a high performance power electronic drive control system based on the C80-HPCi controller with specialist power interface electronics and high performance networks.
GE’s Remote Support system offers expertise when you need to solve a problem - finding faults, diagnosing, repairing, supporting and maintaining equipment in some of the world’s most remote and inaccessible locations.
Visor Asset Management
Visor Asset Management (VAM) enables immediate online remote connection to GE equipment
Integrated Plant Level Control System to improve solar farm efficiency.