Automation & Control

Critical systems demand secure and reliable control

The controls executing across our automation and drive systems platform underpin all of Power Conversion’s
system solution offerings across industries.  Based on decades of experience in the Marine, Renewables,
Energy and Industry sectors, our offerings help our customers to lower operating costs, reduce risk and accelerate
operational performance. These offerings are built using a mature suite of reliable and secure automation
components assembled into modular, flexible and scalable automation solutions appropriate to the application.
Our solutions use modern interfaces like OPC-UA, IEC 61850 and web technologies to facilitate
integration with customers’ existing OT/IT infrastructures.


Featured Solutions


For the Marine industry

For Oil & Gas, and Power applications 

Key automation components used across all our solutions  

  • HPCi: High performance system controller for process control and automation
  • PECe/PECeLite: Drive controllers with associated power interfaces (PIBs) and specialist control libraries
  • P80-Pilot:  Engineering toolbox and its associated system engineering tools
  • Visor: Remote monitoring and diagnostics system to provide safe and secure remote service
    capability and connection to Predix for remote analytics


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Automation & Control