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GE seeks expansion in the Korean solar and ESS market with EN Technologies
Aug 16, 2018
  • GE brings world-class solar inverters and power conversion systems (PCS) for energy storage systems (ESS) to the Korean market
  • Power companies and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) companies to benefit from reduced costs through GE’s advanced inverter technology and software

August 16, 2018, Seoul - GE is seeking to expand in the Korean solar and Energy Storage System (ESS) market in Korea through a partnership with EN Technologies, a Korean energy SME. GE and EN Technologies held a product launch showcase at the COEX Convention Center, introducing highly efficient high-capacity inverters such as 1 megawatt 1500-volt solar inverters, power conversion system (PCS) for ESS and an energy management system (EMS) software.

Paul English, GE’s Global Sales Leader for Solar, GE’s Power Conversion business said, “With GE’s leading technology in inverters, in-depth knowledge in the energy domain and extensive network, combined with EN Technologies’ expertise, we expect to grow and expand in the solar market in Korea. GE’s highly cost-efficient inverters will increase the profitability of the solar business and help achieve Korean government’s target for solar power generation.”

Tay Seek Lee, CEO of EN Technologies said, “We are glad to partner with GE, one of with the world’s leading technology companies, to provide customers with inverters that brings reduced capex and opex. Together with GE, we will play a key role in the growth of solar and ESS market in Korea.”

The 1,500-volt system has become the new standard for utility-scale solar projects. GE pioneered this technology since 2012 and has also been the first to bring it to a range of markets such as the US, India, Japan, Vietnam, Egypt, and Brazil. Today, GE’s solar inverter installed base has excelled 5GW globally. 

EN Technologies will be responsible for system design and installation of GE’s solar inverter, PCS for ESS, and EMS. Warranty and maintenance support for GE’s inverter and PCS for ESS will be offered through a partnership between GE and EN Technologies. GE and EN Technologies have collaborated since 2017 and recently supplied 1500v PCS systems of 15 megawatts for solar and industrial ESS projects in Korea.

According to the “Renewable Energy 3020” implementation plan set forth by the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Korea had 5.7 gigawatts of solar PV in 2017, which is expected to reach 36.5 gigawatts in 2030 in line with government’s plans to increase renewable energy capacity.

At the product showcase held for local power companies and EPC corporations in Korea, Paul English also delivered a keynote speech on global trends in solar and ESS along with the latest inverter technology; and key experts in the industry held a panel discussion about the challenges and opportunities in the solar and ESS market.


Products introduced at the showcase are as follows:

△GE 1-megawatt LV5 1500-volt solar inverter, △GE 1-megawatt LV5 1500-volt PCS for ESS

Next generation

△GE 2.5-3.3-megawatt LV5+ 1500-volt solar inverter, △GE 2.5-3.3-megawatt LV5 1500-volt PCS for ESS

△100-kilowatt, small capacity All-in-One ESS (ESS and PCS combination), △ cloud-based Energy Management System (EMS) software ENIS.

GE LV5 1500V series: As the world’s first 1500-volt solar inverter in the market, the LV5 solution provides a host of benefits compared to the current standard market offering of 1,000-volt inverters. As a result of the higher DC voltage, GE’s technology enables a reduced number of electrical components, thereby reducing the infrastructure, deployment and running costs of a solar plant.

EN Technologies’ All-in-One ESS combines the 100-kilowatt PCS and 274kWh battery, and its size is 24.4% smaller than other ESS systems with the same capacity. The all-in-one ESS system can be installed directly below the PV panels, and there is no need to secure additional space or add HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) system. There is also a rental option available, which reduces the burden of initial installation costs and is eligible for weighted renewable energy credit (REC) from the government. 

EN Technologies’ ENIS, which is an energy management system for ESS, is designed to monitor and control energy through data management and advanced algorithms that use AI. Its user-friendly interface allows users to easily access the software in real-time, anytime anywhere through PC or mobile.


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About EN Technologies

EN Technologies is a technology venture firm specialized in power supply, power electronics and switchgear technology. The company has been recognized by KEPCO as the No.1 maker of ESS for frequency regulation. EN Technologies seeks to deliver cutting edge renewable energy technology with high-value energy platform, ESS solutions and related services in Korea.