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GE Marine Powers, Propels and Positions Cruise Shipping Miami 2015
Mar 17, 2015
  • New GE Marine organization offers broad range of advanced industry solutions to power, propel, and position the cruise industry 
  • Growing service infrastructure brings technical expertise closer to customers to enable quicker services and stronger support for operations
  • GE was selected to lead the Italian consortium that will power two additional cruise liners to be delivered in 2017 and 2018 by Fincantieri
Miami – 17 March 2015 – Built on a wealth of experience across GE, the newly consolidated GE Marine organization will be putting the spotlight on its offerings for the cruise industry at the Cruise Shipping Miami 2015 exhibition, booth 2447. 
GE’s continuous effort to improve technologies and bring innovation to our cruise industry customers ensures GE’s solutions can meet even the most stringent needs.
Fuel consumption and reliability of cruise operations are brought together through more efficient and better integrated solutions, enabling a smooth journey for cruise passengers while bringing cost savings for operators. It comes as no surprise that GE is a trusted and reliable partner for major cruise liners and shipyards when it comes to equipping the latest cruise vessels.
Innovative technologies enable GE Marine to be a trusted partner 
Chosen repeatedly for more than 10 years by Fincantieri shipyard to equip in-board propulsion for Carnival and Costa vessels, GE Marine has helped the shipyard successfully deliver the Costa Diadema cruise ship to the Carnival Corporation on the 28th of October 2014. Constructed at the Marghera Shipyards near Venice, Italy, the cruise ship has the capacity to carry up to 5,000 passengers. The Costa Diadema cruise ship benefits from GE Marine’s latest technology and vast experience in the cruise industry including better optimization of fuel consumption, enhanced safety and reliability of the vessel’s operation. GE’s capability to meet customers’ tough requirements has sustained this valuable relationship with the Carnival Corporation for more than 10 years. 
GE Marine has also recently been selected to lead the Italian consortium that will power two additional cruise liners to be delivered in 2017 and 2018 by Fincantieri for MSC Crociere’s planned ‘Seaside’ platform. The two new cruise ships will join the existing fleet of 12 vessels, all of which use electrical propulsion from GE. Fincantieri is employing sea proven technology from GE Marine that offers improved safety and enhanced reliability among other benefits. The GE solution will also use a less complicated installation and cabling process while the reduced weight on board ships brings fuel savings and altogether lowers MSC’s operating costs.
Service Network and Training Centers expansion
“Globally, over 1400 marine references appreciate GE’s breadth of knowledge and lifecycle commitment. More than 60 cruise liners, equipped with GE products, are sailing the world’s oceans. High reliability and efficiency is not only critical for driving profitable operations, but also in ensuring that passengers have a smooth, pleasant and relaxing journey,” said Tim Schweikert, VP, GE Marine. “It’s important that we bring our service engineers close to the ship operations in order to enable timely support for our clients where necessary.” 
New Marine Service Facilities
GE Marine continues to invest heavily to establish its new GE Marine Service network and continues to devote resource to the commercial marine industry. In addition, a new regional training center, established in October 2014 headquartered in Houston, Texas, is dedicated to providing marine service and training for North America. The center also offers a mobile training unit allowing engineers to provide practicable on-board training to operators using the vessel’s actual equipment and thereby saving travelling cost for customers. A DP simulator in the training center can be used to give specific training to ensure mariners will operate the cruise in the most efficient manner and maintenance training aims to help cruise owners maintain vessels at peak condition.
“Strengthening the ship-owner’s understanding of equipment operation and having clear and direct communication with them allows us to develop an effective relationship. This will enable us to detect an issue at the earliest point and therefore react much faster, reducing downtime within the industry and ensuring minimal disruption to the operator and their passengers.” said Schweikert.
GE Marine’s office in Miami is dedicated to delivering highly trained marine service engineers to cruise line clients supported by more than 200 service engineers globally, over 50 of whom are based in the North American region. 
In addition to this, the new facilities include an office in New Orleans for offshore service, and a local warehouse in the gulf regions that enable quick service for parts.
Analytic capability
Cruise liners are now operating on a more scattered global scale and vessels are becoming ever more complex. Our clients need expert support available at all times to maintain their promises to their passengers. In response to this, GE Marine has invested in globalizing the systems support capability - SmartServeTM is an open platform for sharing global resources that gives customers the ability to contact experts located nearby to arrive within hours. 
“GE Marine is expanding the engineering capability in Miami and the Gulf Coast.” said Schweikert. “We are looking forward to continuing the strong partnership with customers both in building the world-class cruise ships and in their equipment lifecycle management.”
About GE Marine
GE Marine offers solutions dedicated to the merchant, offshore and naval industries, helping customers drive operational excellence, efficiency and environmental responsibility. Smarter engineering coupled with GE Marine’s latest technologies ensures the best solutions to suit the precise needs of each ship, powering, propelling and positioning a more efficient, safer and cleaner marine industry.
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