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GE Marine Modernizes Dynamic Positioning Training School, Enabling Efficient Maritime Operations
Jun 18, 2015
  • GE Marine launches new program of Dynamic Positioning Operator Training in their modernized GE Marine Technical Training Center in Houston, Texas
  • The upgraded GE facility meets Class A standards, providing a realistic training environment to vessel operators
  • The training courses provided cover a spectrum of key marine operations, training marine operators to carry out smart operations and allow vessels to perform efficiently

Houston – 18 June – Sirens blare, the vessel starts to drift towards the rig and the captain knows that all is not well. It’s a good thing that the captain in question is sitting at the center of GE Marine’s latest class A training simulator, in the heart of its newly renovated Houston Marine Technical Training Center, so that when something happens on the ocean he or she is prepared thanks to extensive training to navigate the ship efficiently and safely. 

In early 2015, the Nautical Institute (NI) implemented new standards for Dynamic Positioning (DP) training to ensure it continues to meet current industry needs. GE took advantage of this opportunity to fully revamp its training capacities, going above and beyond the latest NI requirements. Today, GE Marine opens its improved Dynamic Positioning Operator (DPO) Training, fully approved by the NI, in it’s GE Marine Technical Training Center in Houston, Texas.   

“First opened in 2005, GE has proved its extensive expertise in DP technology and training capability. We are dedicated to helping customers obtain necessary maritime qualifications and GE‘s training school ensures that marine operators carry out operations allowing vessels to perform efficiently and safely,” said Tim Schweikert, VP, GE Marine. “With complete equipment modernization and a team of highly experienced engineers on board, the Houston facility demonstrates a step forward in technology advancement and GE Marine’s firm commitment to a more energy efficient marine industry.”

Although the new rules have driven training schools to execute against class C and class B standards, the upgraded GE facility meets class A standards by providing a far more realistic training environment – the state-of-the-art visualization system re-creates vividly the view out of the ship navigation bridge.

The DP training room is equipped with full maneuvering control and navigation systems. It is designed to operate with two generations of GE’s DP systems, where the instructors can rapidly change out between C-Series DP and GE’s latest SeaStream* DP system, thus providing flexibility to satisfy operators with existing systems and those adopting our latest offering.

The DP system is at the core of the vessel operations. GE’s SeaStream* DP system delivers flexibility for effective maritime operations and an energy-efficient nautical system to reduce operational costs and emissions. Operating in Energy Efficient mode when tight vessel control is not essential, the system is expected to reduce fuel consumption by 10% or more, NOx emissions by up to 20% and also reduce equipment wear and maintenance costs when comparing to standard mode.

“Our new facility is designed to help mariners obtain the necessary NI qualifications to allow them to operate DP vessels, but we intend to train beyond the level of basic requirements, utilizing the simulator to train in realistic scenarios which will prepare DPOs for anything they may encounter.  In addition to NI training we will be working closely with our clients to develop scenario-based training for any critical operation they may want to undertake,” said Dave Johnson, Marine Service Training Leader, GE Marine. “GE Marine Technical Training Center has, in the past, successfully trained hundreds of operators.”

In addition to DP qualifications, GE’s training center also provides trainings courses to marine engineering and bridge officers on a wide range of GE Marine systems. The courses cover a spectrum of key marine operations:

  • Vessel power management and automation systems operations
  • Maintenance for DP & power management, including how to maintain assets, diagnose faults and repair equipment
  • Operation and maintenance of different generations of electrical propulsion drives, such as GE’s MV3000 and MV7000 drives
  • Tailored training courses to suit our customers’ exact requirements

This year alone, 60 maritime personnel have already received training in power management automation, operation and maintenance courses provided by GE Marine in Houston, all of whom are now qualified to operate and maintain our systems. Feedback on our new DP system has been very positive. Doug Olson, Marine Simulator Training Manager of Noble Drilling Services states “we look forward to working with GE on shaping the DP training, making sure their training continues to meet both customers’ and industry needs.”

GE Marine is also developing the Houston Technical Training Centre into a Center of Excellence for customer support, utilizing GE’s extensive marine experience. Bringing in senior field engineer expertise to provide remote monitoring and diagnostic support for customers by using GE’s Visor and SeaStream* Insight powered by GE’s renowned Predix* platform, the system is designed to process data in a way that empowers marine operators enabling data-driven operational efficiency.

* Indicates a trademark of the General Electric Company and/or its subsidiaries

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