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GE Featuring Broad Scope of Capabilities at Gastech 2015
Oct 27, 2015
  • Thanks to the “GE Store”, a global exchange of knowledge, technology and tools across all GE businesses, GE is able to provide better outcomes to customers in the gas industry
  • GE has one of the broadest scope of capabilities in the gas industry and is continuing to bring innovation to drive the industry forward

Singapore – 27 October – GE (NYSE: GE) is highlighting its latest products and services for the global gas industry at Gastech 2015, being held Oct. 27-30 in Singapore. Gastech brings together thousands of industry professionals for an exchange of ideas and to showcase the latest innovations, technologies and developments across the gas value chain. Key technology showcases at booth B62, Hall 5 include:

COmbined Gas turbine, Electric and Steam (COGES)

Recently Hyundai Heavy Industries and GE Marine jointly developed a COmbined Gas turbine, Electric and Steam (COGES)-powered LNG carrier design; Approval in Principle (AiP) has been granted by Lloyd’s Register, United Kingdom. This 174,000-cubic-meter gas turbine powered ship will mark the first use of GE’s improved COGES system on an LNG carrier.

GE’s dual fuel capable LM2500 gas turbine is the basis for this 31 MW COGES arrangement, operating on Boil Off Gas or MGO. No additional emissions reduction equipment will be required to meet IMO Tier III requirements. By utilising gas turbines, customers can benefit from a reduction in weight of up to 80% when compared to diesel engines, allowing design flexibility to increase ship efficiency or to carry additional cargo. HHI calculates the savings benefits of the COGES system to be approximately US$20 million over the life of this 174,000 m3 ship.

GE’s COGES system seeks to enhance conversion of energy available in the fuel to useful power. The system employs a heat recovery steam generator to create steam, using the high temperature gas turbine exhaust as a heat source. This steam is routed to a steam turbine generator set.  Both generators produce electricity which is fed to a common electrical bus to provide power for all ship needs, including propulsion.

GE Marine, Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company, Ltd. and Lloyd’s Register also jointly developed an innovative 178,000 m3 LNG carrier powered by GE’s COGES system. The COGES system design received Lloyd’s Register AiP; the project is now in the final vessel design phase.

Another application of GE’s COGES system is aboard ultra large container ships (ULCS). Due to the increased power requirements of an ULCS, a dual gas turbine-based COGES system in electric drive could be used. Even with the second gas turbine, owners and operators can save space, allowing the ship to carry more - perhaps as much as up to 7% more cargo.

Integrated Compressor Line (ICL)

GE Oil & Gas, one of the main suppliers of turbomachinery solutions in the oil and gas industry, is featuring its Integrated Compressor Line. The ICL combines centrifugal compressor technology with an electric motor driver in a single, completely sealed casing that provides an efficient, easily installed and environmentally friendly compression solution for oil and gas applications up to 15 MW.

Clean, efficient and convenient, ICL is the ideal compression solution when a small footprint and low noise level are important.

More Industrial Heritage

With extensive industrial know-how, GE will also highlight its heritage and technological edge solutions for the gas industry, including extraction, processing, transportation and storage. Offerings include offshore, high-speed direct drive and transformer-less solutions; high-speed and integrated direct-drive experience; high reliability systems for compressor trains; and extensive experience in high-power systems.


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