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GE Brings Electrification Technology to Boost Uzbekistan Gas Production
Jun 09, 2015
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  • GE delivers electrification technology for Lukoil in Uzbekistan to boost gas production
  • The long-term relationship between GE and Lukoil has been renewed as GE is once again chosen as preferred supplier for electrification of the gas field
  • The market is experiencing a trend of adopting more electrical solutions to drive gas compressors for more efficient operations
Uzbekistan – 9 June – When a company hits the scale of GE in terms of international presence and scope of expertise, more than a few benefits follow. One of these benefits is the capacity to pool comprehensive expertise across businesses in what has become known as the GE Store, and for proof we need to look no further than the recent contract between Lukoil Uzbekistan Operating Company LLC (LUOC) and GE.
ERIELL Group has selected GE to support actions of Lukoil within the South-West Gissar project in Uzbekistan and to boost the gas production. Lukoil will benefit from GE’s one-stop solution for the complete motor-compressor train, as GE Oil & Gas will provide two boosting centrifugal compressors driven by variable speed drive system (VSDS) supplied by GE Energy Connections. The GE solution is set for delivery in April 2016 and will be installed at the Boosting Compressor Station (BCS) Adamtash, located in the Dekhanabad district, 550 km southwest from Tashkent (capital of Uzbekistan).
Designed by GE Oil & Gas, the compressors can work in a wide range of pressures and in various areas. These compressors are particularly well suited for sour gas and for the creation of high pressure gas. Extensive research and development, advanced design procedures, modern manufacturing techniques and first hand on-site experience in compressor operation are behind the success achieved by our compressors.
GE Energy Connections’s two VSDS incorporate the latest induction motor and voltage source inverter (VSI) technology, allowing the whole train to adopt more efficiency and require lower maintenance. It also proves to be the ideal match for the requirements of Lukoil’s gas field in the Kashkadarya region of Uzbekistan, where extreme seasonal variances occur in temperature. With autonomous air-cooling, the system eliminates the need for cooling water on site. The electrical variable drive system also increases availability and limits environmental impact compared to conventional gas turbine compressor stations, hence why the market is now often choosing electrical solutions.
“This is a project we are very proud of as a display of GE’s breadth of capabilities that allows us to offer the customer a convenient, One-GE solution,” said Sandro Malquori, Oil & Gas Leader, GE Power Conversion. “It is true that we have at our disposal a great store of shared knowledge and expertise across businesses and in this project we see them being put into action for a smooth project execution”.
“This is an example of the ‘GE Store’ at work – drawing technologies and expertise from across the company” said Luca Polezzi, Turbomachinery Solutions Commercial Leader Russia & CIS - GE Oil & Gas. “Our capability to offer a full responsibility of the entire motor compressor train made this solution a good choice for Lukoil. We will continue to provide solutions that drive customers’ success and productivity”.
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