Do you have an issue at your site and you don’t know who to contact? Do you want a commercial proposal on one of our product/solutions and you don’t have a commercial contact? Are you looking for an engineering study where Power Conversion has the expertise?

Just use the below contact details based on your country either by phone or through email. We commit we will register your request and make sure to assign the right owner to it.

Contact by email

Fill this form with as much details as possible, save it as a pdf and send it back to

Contact by phone1

Region Local number Language
France, South Europe and Middle East Africa/Turkey +33 177312323 FR - EN
Germany, Central Europe and CIS +49 6966125588 DE - EN
UK and North Europe +44 1788563800 EN
Asia Pacific +61 1300193189 EN
China and Mongolia +86 4000215605 ZH
India, Bangladesh and Sri-Lanka +91 44 49680008 EN
Latin America Local sales contact PT - ES - EN
North America +1 844 437 4474 EN

  1. Note that you may be charged different rates when calling from a mobile. Toll free numbers are toll free only in certain countries. Please check with your local provider. ↩︎