GE Inspire Newsletter – Dec 04, 2018

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Power Conversion News – Dec 04, 2018
Dec 03, 2018

HOUSTON - 3 December 2018 - ABS awarded GE Service Provider recognition for GE’s Marine Solutions’ SeaStream* Insight—a data analytics-informed solution that provides health and performance monitoring of rig equipment via a digital twin—enabling condition-based maintenance on ABS classed rigs, within an ABS Preventative Maintenance Program. ABS worked with GE to verify and validate its capabilities on several equipment types. 

The GE recognition is in line with the ABS Guidance Notes on Smart Function Implementation, which outline data infrastructure requirements for marine and offshore assets to facilitate machinery health and performance monitoring. GE’s digital twin models and data analytics afford comprehensive trending of operational data to monitor health-state towards predicting anomalies or degradation of marine and drilling equipment installed on vessels.

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