GE Inspire Newsletter – Dec 19, 2017

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Power Conversion News – Dec 19, 2017
Dec 18, 2017
  • Ten-Year Service Contract to Monitor and Fine-Tune Performance of the Generator
  • GE’s Predix*-Based Asset Performance Management Software Brings Data-Driven Efficiency to Improve Field Operations

PARIS—December 18, 2017—GE Power (NYSE: GE) was selected by Alco Bio Fuel, one of Belgium’s major biorefineries, to deploy its Predix*-based Asset Performance Management (APM) solution to future-proof the power-generation unit’s refinery field operations. The service contract will last for 10 years, and GE will also be responsible for providing on-site service support.

When an electric rotating machine (ERM), such as the generator in the power-generation unit, fails, the consequence can be significant. Digital transformation is a necessary and inevitable step to improve operational efficiency and reduce risks of power outages.

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