AP Customer Service Portal
The Global AP customer service portal is live for Power Conversion suppliers. This resource replace e-mails based AP inquiry process. Please use this link: Click here


Key features and benefits of the Global AP Customer Service Help Desk

  • Reduction of duplicate Cases
  • Elimination of invalid Cases
  • Expansion of signal-to-noise ratio
  • Optimization of Case cycle time monitoring and agent response metrics
  • Knowledge library search functionality to be added soon

Video Tutorial - Click here


For additional help, please use the following options:


=========For GE Renewable - Grid Solutions Suppliers only==========

Grid Solutions Supplier Invoicing Process:

On the PO document on the top right hand side, you will find the BILL TO section.

In the BILL TO section you will find the instruction on how to send your invoice or where to submit an electronic invoice.

  • Electronic Invoice tool (Clear Orbit) is our preferred option for invoicing. 

Clear Orbit Linkhttps://suppliercollaboration.geenergy.com/scp/endeavour

Note: To login into Clear Orbit you need a SSO (Single Sign On) and you need to register in the tool. If you are identified as a Clear Orbit supplier you can NOT send paper invoices because paper invoices will be rejected.

Single Sign On (SSO) is a company-wide security and navigation feature designed to allow users to securely sign on and move between the company's web sites. For access to the site you must have a valid GE Single Sign On, User ID, and Password.

To register for GE Single Sign On, please select the following: https://nextgen.ge-registrar.com/b2bregistration/index.html#/signin

Registration for Clear Orbit: https://registration.gepower.com/registration/#/signin

Need Help with the Clear Orbit Tool:  The eSourcing Helpdesk is happy to help.

You can email them @psesourpc@ps.ge.com, or if you'd like to make a call, they are available 7AM to 8PM EST/EDT Monday through Friday

Toll-free (North America only): (866) 770-5248 or Direct: (678) 844-1600

  • Email a paper invoice: Only some vendors have an exception to email a paper invoice.

GEPays_BID(bid number)@ge.com - very important to use the email with the corresponding BID number that is identified in the BILL TO section. Each GE entity have their own BID number and vendor must send to the correct one, if not the invoice will be rejected.

Invoices must be sent in PDF format and each invoice needs to have their individual document, a maximum of 5 invoices (documents) per email.

  • Invoice status:

To look up the status of an invoice, please follow this link: https://www.gesupplierconnect.com/globalinvoicelookup/#/home

To ask a question about an invoice, please follow this link: https://gecorp.custhelp.com/app/S2PSupplierSupport/customer_inquiry