Live From OTC: Electrifying the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry
May 05, 2014
Andy McKeran

Reducing operating costs and CAPEX, increasing efficiency, operating in hostile environments, tapping into new, deep-sea resources, and workforce planning will all be top of the agenda at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) taking place this week in Houston, Texas.

Electrifying processes and systems across offshore oil and gas exploration and production will help the industry overcome some of these challenges, and in particular, enable new deepwater and ultra-deepwater reserves to be explored.

In our latest blog series, we begin by taking a look at the potential for DC technology to make these off-shore locations more financially viable. We will also cover how electrification is changing the way that FPSOs, drill ships and semisubmersibles operate. We’ll compare and contrast variable speed drives for applications in the offshore industry and lastly, how and why modular FPSOs are helping to simplify and shorten the shipbuilding process to meet growing global demand.

We’ve laid out four key electrification trends shaping the next several years for the offshore industry. In this sense, how can the industry collaborate to align to and overcome these, starting this week at OTC?

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Andy McKeran

Andy McKeran is the Marine Executive, GE's Marine Solutions. Andy started with Alstom Power in their power conversions sector and followed with a series of sales and director roles in rotating machines for Converteam. He then joined GE's Power Conversion and led leadership roles in offshore business and later in the marine segment. He is also leading the Digital initiative in GE, helping customers deploy a digitalized marine strategy.