Water - Pump Drives

Solutions for improved efficiency, availability and reliability

GE provides a broad range of pump drive systems, with ready-made solutions for every process type to help improve plant availability and process efficiency. GE systems offer new and efficient ways to support today’s challenges in water conservation, water quality, and water availability.  GE offers drive systems for desalination, water transportation, water treatment and distribution applications.

High power induction and synchronous motors (up to 63 MW)

GE high torque density motors employ patented technology and meet the exact requirements of water applications for robustness, low inertia, overloads and reversal times.

Low Voltage and Medium Voltage AC variable speed drives

GE's latest range of MV7000 Medium Voltage drives (power range up to 81 MW) is based on a modern IGBT device. This provides high performance steady state speed and torque holding, in addition to high dynamic response.  GE's LV7000 Low Voltage drives cover the needs from 0.75kW up to 3.6MW.  By using variable speed solutions, GE helps customers address key needs:

  • Ensure highest efficiency across the whole velocity range
  • Drive performing water process control
  • Improve lifetime of mechanical equipment
  • Prevent the “water hammer” pressure effect
  • Increase availability in case of grid fault

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