Water - Automation

Automation for improved process performance

GE’s Power Conversion business provides a wide range of solutions for any kind of automation need within a water plant or installation.  GE offers automation systems for desalination, water transportation, water treatment, and distribution applications.


GE’s level 1 automation system is based on real time operating systems and programing toolkit. GE’s reliable standard modules are easily adaptable to any project needs, with the overriding goal to achieve the process performance objectives mutually agreed upon by GE and our customers.


GE's level 2 automation system for process management and optimization is based on a single or dual server configuration and software designed to meet our customers’ requirements, such as:

  • Interface to the plant system
  • SCADA system
  • Data management and tracking
  • Setup calculation
  • Reporting

Diagnostic Systems

GE’s diagnostic systems are fully integrated within the drives and automation systems. Equipment status, process alarms, and process data can be viewed and analyzed using statistical packages to monitor both short-term and long-term trends.

Customer, product, and system support is also provided worldwide through local service units supported by remote diagnostic facilities. Remote access is offered 24/7 to plant personnel. This system reduces support costs and improves diagnostics efficiency.

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