Helping drive safety, efficiency, and reliability
Drawing on a full understanding and in-depth knowledge of your processes and challenges, GE can help increase the safety, efficiency, and reliability of your asset, whether you focus on desalination, water transportation and distribution, or wastewater treatment. GE offers the water industry a complete electrification package. GE solutions encompass a wide range of drives, motors, generators, automation, transformers, switch gears, and medium- and low-voltage (MV and LV) distribution, all designed to work together, with optimized interfaces between each component of each solution.


To meet the global requirement for fresh water, GE’s electrical solutions help transform salt water into fresh water. GE’s solutions are designed for the efficiency of desalination processes, using advanced electrical and automation technology.

Water transportation

With requirements to carry water over hundreds and even thousands of kilometers, high power systems are essential to the water transportation industry.   GE has many years of expertise in MV drive trains, providing customers with electrical solutions that address the need to reduce mechanical elements enabling lower maintenance requirements and increased availability.

Wastewater and sludge treatment, drinking water treatment and distribution

With the importance of conserving precious water resources, the industry requires solutions with high availability and low maintenance.    GE helps meet these requirements with a variety of drive train systems and automation solutions with a full range of converters and motors (both low voltage and medium voltage), combined with solutions for the supervision, automation, and control of the water processes.

Water Solutions