Robust product testing of critical equipment is a foundation for quality and reliability. Manufacturers of critical equipment and research centers such as for the renewables, power generation, oil & gas, automotive, marine or aerospace industry need to stay ahead of the game, enabling shorter development times, simulating years of wear and exposure in months`


Avoiding equipment failures in the field and ensuring operability over long timeframes

Improving costly, lengthy testing periods and equipment uptime for achieving product launch requirements

Today and future testing systems capabilities on a par with complete product innovation cycle

The GE Advantage

GE provides adaptable, robust and dynamic test systems for efficient and reliable equipment operations across the industries. Our customized and turnkey solutions combined with engineering & consulting expertise and project life-cycle services help to improve performance of your products


Reliable Technology Validation
The device under test can be examined under extreme speed, torque, and dynamic response conditions to help ensure it will endure over its normal lifetime

Shorter R&D Cycles and Optimized Testing Economics
Highly adaptable solutions to meet testing needs with robust and durable mechanical and electrical setups, allow quicker load  charges and response times
GE’s Testing Solutions & Services

We build test systems for research, development and end-of-line testing for critical equipment e.g. motors, generators, turbines, etc. for industries such as renewables, power generation, oil & gas, automotive, marine or aerospace. Our adaptable, robust and dynamic testing solutions and services comprise load, grid and environmental simulation, FRT for HV & HV systems, fatigue and others

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