Solar Solutions
We enable utility scale power plants
to convert solar energy into electricity for the grid
The appetite to adopt solar PV as a renewable energy source is clearly strong – and governments use a mix of incentives such as tariffs, auctions and tax exemptions to fuel greater investment
Changes in policies and feed-in tariffs can reduce the rate of return by 50% challenging power plant profitability
Solar PV is projected to suffer 40-70% of cost reductions
Solar PV is expected to represent 29% of the global power mix by 2040 (from 4% in 2015)
The GE Advantage
GE helps to reduce levelized cost of electricity (LCoE) with end to end utility scale PV solutions
from advanced inverters, and battery energy storage systems to cutting-edge digital solutions
GE as a partner prides itself on 10+ years of experience covering the full solar farm lifecycle including 5+ years experience in energy storage
GE has a proven track record of 4+GW central solar inverters worldwide, pioneering some of the world's largest solar PV farms with breakthrough technology.
GE's Offering in Solar
GE Energy Connections provides a full suite of technology, solutions and services to
harness the power from sunlight and convert it into electricity to feed the grid
GE's Solar Solutions
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