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GE's LV5+ Solar Power Station

GE has accumulated more than 6 gigawatts of total global installed base for its solar inverter technology, and was the first to introduce 1,500-volt to the solar market. Today, building on this proven technology, GE’s new LV5+ Solar Power Station brings GE’s technology leadership together with its system integration capabilities to deliver a complete solar power station solution. This new solar power station provides a smart solution that can help to reduce CAPEX, OPEX and ensure more reliable plant performance.

GE‘s LV5+ Solar Power Station combines GE‘s LV5+ 1500 V solar inverter, with medium voltage power transformer, optional MV Ring Main Unit (RMU), auxiliary transformer and various options within a single, standard 20ft ISO high cube container. This containerized solar power station delivers a reliable, plug & play, factory integrated power conversion solution for utility-scale solar installations.


Optimized containerized solution for ease of logistics and reduced on site installation and commissioning


Avoid no-load transformer losses


Compatible with GE’s Digital Solar APM, to improve solar asset return on investment and reduce operating risk

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