The Ultrafast E-Charging of Tomorrow

Moving from isolated assets
to an integrated charging system


Energy providers are expected to cope with ever increasing power demand emerging from new technologies and infrastructure requirements.

A key challenge is the optimization and balancing of the grid load through the electric vehicle charging infrastructure, including the necessary processing of real time data.

Our answer is a fast and smart e-charging solution—moving from isolated assets to an integrated charging system—a more efficient and sustainable way for powering future of e-mobility.


Mixed e-fleets require ultra-fast, flexible and smart controlled power supply.

Reduced downtime during installation and maintenance is key for investment.

Commercial efficiency of e-fleets grows with smart and scalable charging systems.

An integrated charging system

The typical single-point charging architecture is limiting the viability of e-mobility charging as both capex and opex are too high. At GE, we are moving away from charging isolated assets, and coming up with a centralized integrated system to charge vehicles at the fleet level—homogeneous or mixed—at the most commercially efficient manner.

GE´s centralized ultra-fast multi-point DC charging system, designed with unprecedented flexibility, scalability and affordability, is enabling a highly competitive cost per terminal for the market. It also enables a more secured growth model that will expand the charging infrastructure in parallel to the rising demand. The infrastructure is developed with financial security and demand certainty.