Power Plant Solutions

Enhance availability, reduce losses and increase power plant output while reducing CO2 emissions

Hydro Power Plants

GE´s Power Conversion business provides customized solutions including hydro generators, low and medium voltage converters for start-up operation, pump operation and excitation systems as well as pump storage variable speed main drives (VARSPEED). GE is a leading supplier of equipment for variable-speed pumped-storage power plants in Europe, with the company equipping 14 out of 16 variable-speed pump turbines that have been built or are under construction in the region. The variable speed drive solution can save up to 50% of energy consumption compared to fixed speed solutions.

Thermal Power Plants

Gas-fired power plants are the solution both for peak and base load power supply. Gas turbines are playing a major role solving the global energy challenge. Combined with steam turbines using gas turbine exhaust air, efficiency can increases. GE's scope of supply covers electrical major demands for Open and Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plants with Start-Up Frequency Converters (SFC) and Static Excitation Equipment (SEE) as well as auxiliary drives. Customers benefit from GE's specific knowledge and long-time experience resulting in a space saving compact design, high reliability and low maintenance. 

Steam power plants ensure the base power supply in most countries of the world, with demand to increase the overall efficiency and the environmental compatibility of steam power plants leading to an increased demand for reliable and efficient drives and power electronics. To meet this need, GE provides generators, excitation equipment as well as drive systems for various applications including boiler feed pumps, ID, FD and PA fans, cooling water pumps and auxiliary drives. GE also provides solutions for coal-fired power plants including motors and drives as well as static and rotating excitation systems.

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