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Enabling high conversion efficiency, reliability, and system availability at lower cost for improved power quality and enhanced productivity

GE’s Power Conversion business provides a comprehensive range of power supply solutions such as railway network frequency conversion stations, nuclear research pulse generators, power management, and control systems for most power storage technologies.

Special Power supplies for Grid and Research Applications

Special power supply systems are often required to connect energy grids of different frequencies or to transport energy efficiently.
Major areas of investment are the connections of:

  • the 50 Hz utility grid to the Central European railway grid operated at 16⅔ Hz
  • 50 and 60 Hz grids in the Gulf region and Japan
  • offshore wind farms to the grid over long distances based on the same technology

GE has a proven track record in supplying conversion stations to Deutsche Bahn-DB Energie GmbH on several sites, capable of converting the energy from a public 110 kV 50 Hz grid to a level required for the railway-operated 15 kV 16.7 Hz grid. GE also supplies energy for research purposes such as fusion and nuclear experiments, offering a variety of motors and generators of special frequency. The scope of the special power supplies to connect a grid or an offshore wind farm can range from planning, system analysis, transformers, power electronic inverters, erection, and commissioning, to civil works. GE supplies sub-systems such as special generators as well as full turnkey solutions including civil works up to the hundred Mega Watt region.

Power Quality Solutions

GE offers customized solutions that meet the most demanding standards of quality and performance. This includes Var Compensation systems (SVC) offering effective solutions in terms of cost and timely installation. They help eliminate electrical disturbances affecting the quality of power such as low power factor, generation of harmonic currents, permanent and fluctuating voltage drops, imbalance between line voltages, and generation of a voltage wave modulation and improving power factor.
As a specialist of industrial power compensation GE provides cost-effective SVC–TCR systems and Statcoms (IGBT based) including Power Conditioning systems and DSVC improving the power quality and enhancing the productivity of industrial plants for applications such as arc furnaces, metal rolling mills, mining and other heavy industries, and large electric motors.

HVDC solutions

High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) solutions are the answer to a major challenge faced by the energy industry today:  exporting electrical power with high reliability and availability with minimal losses, and driving down the cost of energy.
GE has developed an innovative HVDC solution that addresses this challenge. It builds upon our well proven range of Voltage Source Converters (VSC) used in renewables, traction, oil & gas and marine industries, amongst others.  It is suited for a wide range of applications including interconnectors, renewable energy, and oil & gas platform electrification. Our HVDC products and services offer economical, reliable, stable, efficient, and integrated solutions. Our technology reduces the size and weight of equipment, improves electrical system stability for the offshore wind farm, and affords a grid friendly interface to the transmission system at the point of connection.

Energy Storage Solutions

Battery Energy Storage plays a key role, serving two main purposes. It helps meet grid requirements and grid stability – through energy storage the variability inherent in renewable sources can be counteracted. It also enables synthesis of inertia inherent in conventional power generation, and response to frequency issues in the distributed network. It can also help overall energy balance by storing energy when renewable resources outweigh demand, and feeding into the grid when demand is higher than the renewable resource, or during peak consumption  when prices are higher.

We provide energy storage conversion solutions based on the MV3000 range of Air or Liquid Cooled, Full Power Converters that have a well proven track record over several years of production for the wind industry, for both on and off-shore applications. GE can also supply all types of energy storage systems (super-capacitors, advanced batteries, flywheels and flow cells) so the optimal type can be selected for a given application.

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