Crane Management

Striving for improved productivity and efficiency

GE’s Power Conversion business offers fully integrated crane management systems including automation and semi-automatic control for cranes such as ship-to-shore, ship un-loaders, and goliath cranes.  GE crane management features can include process control, drive systems, automatic targeting positioning, anti-sway systems, laser controlled position detection, and motors and encoders.

Pressures on loading/unloading times mean efficiency is paramount and is essential to day-to-day operations.  Load monitoring systems process wind speed/direction, load, inclination, position feedback etc., resulting in safer operation of the cranes under all conditions.  GE solutions are designed using active energy connections and modular configuration enabling simplified status, diagnostics, and fault detection.  From the cabin, the operator can monitor all functions and data, enabling quick identification and analysis of the crane; and then process the information to quickly resolve issues.

Understanding our customers and end-users processes enables GE to continually introduce more efficient operations with flexible and user friendly designs essential to customer’s requirements.

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