Subsea Solutions


Offering high reliability and low maintenance for efficient subsea processing

GE’s Power Conversion business, complete electrical subsea solution is based on more than 30 years of experience in power conversion for oil and gas and comprises variable speed drive systems, electrical motors and power management systems.

To meet demands with high levels of availability and reliability, GE's subsea solution is not limited to our drive and motor assemblies. GE can provide a fully integrated electrical system comprising motors, converters, transformers, switchgear, Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), automation systems within their enclosure to withstand water pressure and the necessary supporting field studies.  All designed to ensure high reliability, low maintenance and improved power consumption for the recovery of oil and gas from the most hostile environments.

GE solutions are based on worldwide trusted technologies that have proven effective over the years. Typical subsea applications can include:

  • Gas injection compressors
  • Gas export compressors
  • Multi-phase pumps
  • Water injection pumps
  • Re-injection pumps
  • Sea water lift pumps
  • Electrical submersible pumps
  • Crude oil export pumps

Subsea Gas Compression

GE's compression solution is based on the MV7000 series medium voltage converter with a high-speed motor. GE manufactures high speed motors engineered to meet complex operating subsea conditions. GE's proven rotor technology helps ensure very low vibration levels for a longer lifetime of the complete system.  GE's MV7000 compressor variable speed drive is united with the high speed motor which is directly coupled to the gas booster compressor and is updated with innovative power and control topologies (redundant IGBT, redundant control system, remote software loading). Using the latest generation of IGBT’s, GE's drives, which can be located either on the seabed or remotely on topside, allow increased active power and less losses, safeguarding high levels of efficiency and power density.

Subsea Pumping

GE's pump variable speed drive is also based on the MV7000 series, and the solution can be located topside. GE has also developed a specific design for the converter to be located on the seabed.  One or more variable frequency drives maintain the pump at a constant, safe operating speed despite the continuously changing density of multiphase well fluids flowing through the pump.

Subsea Power

GE offers a subsea power solution that controls, protects, and distributes power to the subsea consumers. This distribution system enables growth of subsea processing facilities to include several pumps and compressors to transport oil and gas. The solution is based on switchgear that can include circuit-breakers, transformers, and control and protection systems. In addition, the UPS for auxiliary power supply can be part of GE's supply.

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