LNG Solutions

Helping deliver greater reliability, increased availability and higher efficiency

GE’s Power Conversion business has unique expertise in electrification and exhaustive knowledge of LNG processes, driving the development of high-reliability systems and strong capabilities in high-power systems. GE's extended electrical package for LNG plants includes low and medium voltage motors (up to 100 MW), generators, HV distribution, switchgear, transformers, UPS, MCC, harmonic filters, e-house, and power cables.

Starter/Helper for refrigerant compression

Increasing the power and efficiency of LNG refrigeration compressors, our converter-fed motors can be used as:

  • Starter - starting the gas turbine by accelerating the shaft until the combustion enables the turbine to work alone
  • Helper - providing additional power to the gas turbine if required
  • Generator - regenerating the excess of power (automatic energy connections)

Full electric solution for refrigerant compression

GE can also offer a complete solution to drive the main refrigerant compressors using electrical motors (synchronous and induction), powered by high-power drives based on thyristor technology (for LCI) or on IGBT technology (for VSI). GE solutions allow complete optimization of the shaft-line, ensuring a very high level of performance for this critical application. Fully tested solutions including compressors, motors, and drives provide for an effective start-up when equipment is on site.  GE can also provide electrical solutions to drive all compressors for the different services in a LNG plant.

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