Ensuring high reliability for the harshest requirements of industrial processes

Besides conventional Medium Voltage motors used to drive pumps and compressors for use in refineries and petrochemical applications, GE’s Power Conversion business has also developed a portfolio of downstream application products to address these specific requirements:

  • Low starting current allowing a smooth start up with no power electronics, ensuring very reliable solutions.
  • Variable Speed Drives with a high level of redundancy, increasing uptime significantly.
  • High torque induction machines to power hypercompressors for LDPE and HDPE applications.
  • Complete solutions to replace aging steam turbines with electrical solutions. Our High-speed, gearbox-less technology allows for easy replacement, even when faced with challenging constraints such as footprint. Our references and experience in this domain demonstrate our expertise and the robustness of our solutions.

Overall, GE can offer the right solution of motors and drivers to power all types of downstream applications with optional efficiency.

Discover our solutions for the oil and gas industry.  

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