The Oil & Gas industry is facing downward commodity price pressures and this shift is driving a need for improved efficiency in existing operations to preserve margins and maintain reinvestment. The industry is striving towards a bold new vision for unlocking untapped value and unprecedented productivity gains from the reservoir to the refinery


For a mid-size LNG facility, the average annual cost of unplanned downtime is at $150M

Unplanned outages from motor failure can cost a refinery up to 1.1M in lost revenue for every hour offline

Complete stoppage of 1 LNG compressor train can cause lost production of up to $7M

The GE Advantage

Winning together through early engagement and complete systems architecture. From upstream to downstream, we electrify the processes that deliver energy to the world and make everything from extraction to transportation and end-use more efficient and reliable while maintaining safety. Our oil & gas solutions improve operational performance, asset availability, and system optimization.


GE's high power drive train technology can allow up to 47% higher uptime

Integrated systems enable CAPEX savings of up to 10% with induction + Voltage Source Inverter (VSI) and speed optimization

GE’s Offering for Oil & Gas

GE provides a full suite of products, systems, services and software to connect, distribute, transform and optimize electricity flow in increasingly complex oil and gas operations for more efficient and reliable processes

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