Metals - Power Quality

Enabling improved power quality, reduced operating costs and increased productivity

GE’s Power Conversion business provides the metals industry with Power Quality solutions for a variety of applications such as electric arc furnaces, rolling mills, and processing lines.  GE's added value lies in our ability to meet exact requirements of industrial system users through power system studies to determine expected levels of voltage flicker, power factor, harmonic distortion, and bus-bar voltage stability.

Static and Dynamic Var Compensation systems

Through the design and construction of Static Var Compensators (SVC) for industrial plants and power stations, we offer a range of performing solutions addressing the power quality challenges:

  • GE's conventional SVC solution is based on thyristor controlled reactors (TCR) linked to filters. This is offered for power factor compensation, flicker mitigation, and harmonics reduction.
  • GE's latest dynamic var compensation system (D-SVC) is the solution for higher dynamic performance and weaker grid installations. This system is based on Voltage Source Converters (VSC), using the same IGBT technology as our MV7000 Medium Voltage drives, and benefits from GE embedded patented technology.

By ensuring stable and steady voltage supply, SVC and D-SVC systems can provide more active power to the process installation, optimize production times, extend equipment life, and boost productivity. In all applications, GE systems also allow a significant improvement of power quality and reduce operating costs, while coping with the most stringent international grid owners standards.

Fixed compensation systems

Fixed compensation solutions are also offered by GE for many applications (processing lines, rolling mills, and so on), improving power factor and reducing harmonics pollution in the network. In addition to improving power quality, these solutions allow GE customers to comply with local regulations, and thus avoid penalties and the risk of being disconnected from the grid.

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