Metals - Drive Systems

Enabling our customers to achieve excellent results in plant availability, process reliability and efficiency

GE’s Power Conversion business provides a broad range of drive systems for every process type, tailored to meet exact requirements to help you achieve the highest possible quality, precision, and dynamic performance.

High power induction and synchronous motors (up to 63 MW)

GE's high torque density motors employ patented technology and meet the requirements of metals applications for robustness, low inertia, overloads and reversal times.  An induction motor fed by GE's MV7000 Medium Voltage drive is one of the latest solutions designed and offered by GE for all rolling mill applications.  As the induction motor provides more availability, reliability, lower maintenance and reduced electrical distribution equipment, this solution can contribute to significant savings for our customers.  It also provides similar performance to the synchronous motor with the same negligible impact on the network.

Low Voltage and Medium Voltage AC variable speed drives

GE's latest range of MV7000 Medium Voltage drives (power range up to 81 MW) is based on a modern IGBT device. This provides excellent control of motor speed, torque, and power and responds rapidly to changes in load, speed and torque commands.  MV7000 is a leading solution across a wide range of Metals applications. It is designed to meet GE customers’ expectations for power quality, quality output, efficiency, reliability, low operating costs, and ease of maintenance. 

GE's LV7000 Low Voltage drives cover the needs from 0.75kW up to 3.6MW and can substantially improve the quality and efficiency of our customers’ process or production.

All GE's AC drive ranges (low and medium voltage) can be either stand-alone or connectable to a common DC bus system.  GE’s DC bus system concept reduces the overall AC power input and saves energy. When fitted with a battery, it also allows the drive system to operate during temporary total loss of the AC supply or to stop in a controlled manner.

A complete range of DC drives for low and high powers

For revamping projects, GE can provide only DC drive controllers while keeping the existing power stack, thus controlling the investment costs.

Large conversion systems for high power electric arc furnace

GE customers benefit from our most advanced solutions such as:

  • Single-phase converters with higher thyristor sizes for submerged Arc Furnace
  • Large rectifiers for DC Arc Furnace

GE has also developed a special DC rectifier which decreases medium DC ripple. This solution provides improved power factor with less harmonics and less power losses.  Most of GE's drives use the same High-Performance Controller and programming/maintenance tool kit as our High-Performance Controller for technological controls, thus reducing training and spare parts.  Comprehensive monitoring and diagnostics built into GE drives, together with GE's powerful HMI and communication systems, provide everything needed to integrate the plant drives into the global control system and achieve excellent results in plant availability and process efficiency.

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